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Institut für Computerlinguistik

Three Awards at SwissText 2024 for members of our department. Congratulations!

  • SwissText Best Scientific Paper

    Jannis Vamvas and Juri Grosjean, winners of the Best Scientific Paper Award

  • SwissText Best Junior

    Tobias Fankhauser (3rd from left), winner of the Best SwissText Junior Award

  • SwissNLP Award 2024

    SwissNLP Award winners Anne Goehring, Amit Moryossef, and Sarah Ebling (from left to right)

We are proud to report that three teams from our department were honoured with an award at this year's SwissText conference. We congratulate 

  • Juri Grosjean and Jannis Vamvas for receiving the Best Scientific Paper Award for their paper "Fine-tuning the SwissBERT Encoder Model for Embedding Sentences and Documents"
  • Tobias Fankhauser, Simon Clematide and Martin Volk for receiving the Best SwissText Junior Award for their paper "SDG Classification Using Instruction-Tuned LLMs" (available as conference proceedings preprint
  • Alessia Battisti, Sarah Ebling, Anne Göhring, Zifan Jiang, Amit Moryossef, Mathias Müller, Sant Muniesa, Annette Rios and the collegues Regula Perrollaz, Sandra Sidler-Miserez, Katja Tissi at HfH for receiving this year's Swiss NLP Award for their work in sign language machine translation. Learn more about Sign Language Technologies