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Phonetics Lunch Meeting


Each week during term time - irregularly also outside terms - we have a group meeting on Wednesdays from 12:15 to 13:45. Currently, this takes place in a hybrid format - in person in AND 2.23, and online via Zoom (Join). During this meeting, we discuss the latest news relevant for our lab and our research. This is followed by a short presentation by one of the group members on a topic of his/her choice. Such a presentation can be the discussion of an interesting paper or the demonstration of own research results. Sometimes we also invite guest speakers.

Everybody who is interested in our phonetics group is welcome!

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In the Spring Term 2024 we have the following presentations (Time 12:15-13:45):

Date Speaker & Topic
21.02.2024 General organisation

Leah Bradshaw

Title: Peek-a-boo, I sound like you: Phonological rhymes overpower the utility of acoustic-phonetic overlap for speaker discrimination

06.03.2024 PhD students update session

Invited Speaker: Prof. Dr. David R. Mortensen - Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh

Title: Extension is all you need, but good intentions help too

ROOM: AND-2-46 

Dr. Teodora Vucović,  Masoumeh Chapariniya and Aref Farhadipour

Title:  Computational Analysis of personal identity in interaction: Recognition and Ethics - CAPIRE


Prof. Dr. Volker Dellwo

Title: Overview of research on South-East Asian languages

Esmee Miron Aalder

Title: How children’s language status affects their speech


Dr. Pavo Orepic, University of Geneva

Title: Voices and Robots: from self-voice misperceptions to robotically-induced hallucinations

ROOM: AND-2-46  


Invited speaker: Dr. Michel Belyk - University College London/Edge Hill University, United Kingdom 

Title: Keeping speech honest on average: cognitive load cues reveal deceptive speech

ROOM: AND-2-46  


Invited Speaker: Prof. Dr. Franco Cutugno - University of Naples Federico II, Naples

Title: Can you describe your pain? Combining psycho-emotional analysis and AI on cancer patients' utterances

ROOM: AND-2-46  


Invited Speaker: Dr. Cynthia Yoonjeong Lee - Department of Linguistics at the University of Michigan

Title: tba


Invited Speaker: Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Mixdorff  - University of Applied Science, Berlin 

Title: tbd

ROOM: AND-2-46  


Verônica Penteado Siqueira

Title: Speech Synchronization


Faustine Etter, Jean-Philippe Goldman, Sandra Schwab

Title: Does musical training enhance L2 stress perception?

Andrea Frohlich

Title: tbd


Dr. Natalja Ulrich

Title:  Linguistic and speaker information in Russian fricatives

Dr. Daniel Friedrich

Title: Co-registration of Simultaneous Electromagnetic Articulography and Electroencephalography for Precise Articulatory and Neural Data Alignment