Open Topics for BA and MA Theses as well as Programming Projects

Open topics for final theses

Sentiment Analysis

Computer-Assisted Language Learning

(Cognitive) Corpus Linguistics/Digital Humanities


Speech and Machine Learning

Second Language Acquisition (contact: Prof. Dr. Volker Dellwo)

  • Automatic assessment of vocabulary richness in a second language
  • Tone Detection in Mandarin Speech with Machine Learning Approach for Innovative Computer-Aided Language Learning

Aging and Speech Pathology (contact: Prof. Dr. Volker Dellwo)

  • Temporal processing in aging

Sociophonetics and Dialectology (contact: Prof. Dr. Stephan Schmid)

  • Variants of /r/ in the Cantons of Basel-City and Basel-Country: a sociophonetic survey
  • VoiceOffsetTime as a cue to the fortis-lenis distinction in Swiss German: acoustic and laryngographic evidence

Speech Signal Processing (contact: Prof. Dr. Volker Dellwo)

  • Use of intonation for voice recognition in tone and non-tone languages
  • Gender classification between different populations
  • The effect of nicotine craving on speech (perception and production)
  • Gender detection before puberty (by adults and same age group)
  • Tone Detection in Mandarin Speech with Machine Learning Approach for Innovative Computer-Aided Language Learning (contact: Sandra Schwab)
  • Combining speech recognition system and automatic prominence detection for Computer-Assisted Language Learning (contact: Sandra Schwab)


Machine Translation

  • Machine Translation for Downstream NLP Applications
  • Mitigating interference in multilingual NMT systems
  • Random variation and significance testing in machine translation
  • Improving Low-resource Rumansh Machine Translation
  • Forensic Applications of Machine Translation: Detecting Translationese, Provenance of Translated Text
  • Ordering Dropout for Multilingual Neural Machine Translation
  • Mining Parallel Corpora with Cross-lingual Embeddings

Contact persons for specific areas


  • Language Technology for Heritage Texts (Martin Volk)
  • Machine Translation (Martin Volk, Rico Sennrich, Annette Rios, Mathias Müller)
  • Toponym Recognition (Martin Volk)
  • Speech (Volker Dellwo)
  • Machine Learning (Simon Clematide)
  • Large News Corpora (Simon Clematide)
  • Digital Humanities (Gerold Schneider, Simon Clematide)
  • Morphology (Simon Clematide, Tanja Samardžić)
  • Corpus Linguistics (Gerold Schneider, Tanja Samardžić)
  • CALL (Computer-assisted Language Learning) (Gerold Schneider, Manfred Klenner)
  • Automatic Processing of Sign Language (Sarah Ebling, Annette Rios, Mathias Müller)
  • Language Technology for Accessibility (Sarah Ebling)
  • Processing of Swiss German (Tanja Samardžić)
  • Coreference Resolution (Manfred Klenner)
  • Argumentation Mining (Manfred Klenner)
  • Sentiment Analysis (SA) (Manfred Klenner)