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Department of Computational Linguistics

Available Thesis and Programming Projects for Bachelor's and Master's Students (Updated: May 13, 2023)

Text Technologies

Digital Linguistics

Phonetics & Speech Sciences

  • "Variability and systematicity in L1+L2 speech patterns" supervised by Eleanor Chodroff
  • "Perceptual generalization in adapting to novel speakers" supervised by Eleanor Chodroff
  • "Using massively multilingual speech corpora for phonetic typology" supervised by Eleanor Chodroff
  • "Acoustic–articulatory relationships in sibilant fricatives (MA only)" supervised by Eleanor Chodroff
  • "Is There an Optimal Speech Rate? Exploring the Boundaries of Speech Perception at Varying Speech Rates" supervised by Daniel Friedrichs
  • "The Relationship between Climate and Language: Uncovering Nasal Vowel Distribution" supervised by Daniel Friedrichs
  • "Speech Amplitude Modulations: The Mandible Effect" supervised by Daniel Friedrichs
  • "Assessing Mobile fNIRS Efficacy: A Novel Approach in Speech and Hearing Science Research" supervised by Daniel Friedrichs
  • "Charting the electroglottograh (E.G.G.) measures in a large sample of healthy speakers (MA only)" supervised by Lei He; Meike Brockmann-Bauser (UniSpital)
  • "The Role of Expressive Audio-Visual Information on Face-Voice and Voice-Face Identity Matching" supervised by Elisa Pellegrino
  • "The Role of Speech Acoustics in Detecting Deep Fake Voices" supervised by Elisa Pellegrino
  • "The Effect of Prosody Training on Second Language Acquisition" supervised by Elisa Pellegrino
  • "The Time Course of Vocal Accommodation and Its Effect on Voice Recognition" supervised by Elisa Pellegrino
  • "Intonational patterns of Multhiethnolectal Zurich German" supervised by Stephan Schmid
  • "Is vowel lengthening in Italian allophonic or prosodic?" supervised by Stephan Schmid
  • "Automatic prominence detection in L2" supervised by Sandra Schwab; Jean-Philippe Goldman
  • "Prominence marking in an Oceanic language" supervised by Catalina Torres
  • "Measuring intra-speaker variability in different speaking styles" supervised by Catalina Torres

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