Programming Projects

Framework conditions

In programming projects, students can work alone or in small groups to develop language technology software, earning up to a maximum of 6 ECTS credits (for 180 hours). The projects can, but do not have to, be carried out as part of current research projects at the department.

Topics The department maintains a list of open projects. However, the students are also invited to propose their own projects, which may also be interdisciplinary in connection with the main subject.

Time Normally projects are taken on over the summer so that majority of the work can take place in during the lecture-free period. Programming projects must be completed within six months.

Workload Between 60 to 100 working hours should be invested in the development of the project. This does not include any necessary training period that may be required in the applied programming language or environment used.

Submission The commentated program code is to be submitted in machine-readable and printed form. A short technical report (max. 10 pages) should document the work carried out. The project and a summary of the results are to be presented in a short oral presentation for an audience. A checklist contains the most important points, which should be included in the final submission.

Supervision Regular meetings will take place to discuss progress and problems.

Copyright The University of Zurich owns the copyright and rights of use for the developed code.


Simon Clematide and Manfred Klenner are the contact points for students interested and will be happy to answer questions relating to programming projects.