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Simon Clematide

Simon Clematide, Dr.

  • Academic Associate
+41 44 635 7132

NLP Shared Tasks activities

Shared tasks are a good means to collaborate with other researchers, they let students work on a defined task in a competitive way, and generally assess the methodological competences in solving practical problems. From 2017 to 2022, we had several successful shared task participations and helped to co-organized shared tasks as well:

Projects and Work

NFP 77 project "Task and Skill Profiles in the Digital Economy", Sinergia project impresso, Citizen Linguistics Project on Swiss German Dialects and Swiss French Citizen Linguistics,,; Exploitation of linguistically annotated multilingual multiparallel corpora SPARCLING; Multilingual Sentiment Analysis KTI project together with Eurospider ; Biomedical Text Mining: MANTRA; SASEBio ; Political Text Mining: COSA ; German Sentiment Analysis IGGSA; Sentence Extension Tests (SET): SET ; Web-based Virtual Laboratory for Computational Linguistics CLab
I generally enjoy interdisciplinary work and sometimes consult scholars who apply text analytics methods to their problems. One example is the concept extraction for the material science journal article "A framework for evaluating the accessibility of raw materials from end-of-life products and the Earth’s crust" (work with Sandra R. Mueller). Another example  is from the social sciences  on the topic of "Text Zoning for Job Advertisement with Bidirectional LSTMs" in 2017 (work with Ann-Sophie Gnehm).



Seminars and colloquia : FS 2015: Crowd-sourcing für Sprachtechnologie
HS 2013: Modernes Information Retrieval und Computerlinguistik
(involved as an assistant: SS 2005SS 2003SS 2201SS 2000WS2000)

Further education: Lectures on Computational Linguistics and Text Mining in MAS "Bibliotheks- und Informationswissenschaft" and DAS Datenmanagement und Informationstechnologien

Presentations and Talks



See my ORC-ID page for references.

The following list is generated from the Zurich Open Access Repository and contains all publications up to 2021 (most of them in full text):

ZORA Publication List

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Our Finite-State Morphology

Test our finite-state morphology systems for Rumansh Grishun, Standard German and  Swiss German.