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Department of Computational Linguistics Text Technologies

Current Research Projects

Biomedical Text Mining

  • no current projects

Digital Humanities

  • Monitoring Skill and Task Profiles in the Digital Economy (2020-2024) More
  • Bullinger Digital: Processing of Heinrich Bullinger's correspondence (2021-2024) More

Machine Translation

  • CoNTra: Rich Context in Neural Machine Translation (2017-2020) More
  • IMAGINE: Impact of Automated Generated Text on Linguistic Intuition and Language Evolution (2021-2024) More
  • Machine Translation of Film Subtitles (since 2011) More

Media Content Analysis

Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining

Corpus Linguistics

  • Bulletin4Corpus: Building a parallel corpus from the Credit Suisse Bulletin (since 2015) More

Machine Learning for Text Technologies

Low-Resource NLP

Associated Projects

  • SNF project What's up, Switzerland? More
  • NOAH's Corpus: NLP for Swiss German More Website
  • Regional Variation in the Grammar of Standard German More 
  • Text linguistic and corpus linguistic analyses of picture postcards (2016–2019) More
  • Retrodigitization of the collection of Swiss law sources (since 2010) More