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Department of Computational Linguistics Text Technologies

Completed Research Topics

Biomedical Text Mining

  • NRP project SwissMADE (2017-2020) More
  • CTI project MedMon (2018-2019) More
  • SNF project MelanoBase (2016–2019) More
  • Vetsuisse collaboration Veterinary Pathology Text Mining (2014–2016) More
  • Cogito project PsyMine (2015–2017) More
  • NIH project Assisted Curation (2015-2018) More

Digital Humanities

  • impresso: Media Monitoring of the Past (2017–2021) More
  • AGORA project Citizen Linguistics (2016–2018) More
  • Visual Linguistics (2015–2018) More
  • Text+Berg: Digitising the publications of the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC; 2008–2018) More
  • Temporal entity extraction from historical texts (2014–2019) More
  • SNIS project Diffusion of Law (2015–2017) More
  • Digitization and Annotation of the Resolutions by the Zurich Cantonal Government (2011) More


Machine Translation

  • SNIS project Diffusion of Law (2015–2017) More
  • MODERN: Discourse in Statistical Machine Translation (2013–2017) More
  • Trainslate: Machine Translation into Sign Language (2011–2016) More
  • Hybrid Machine Translation (2011–2015) More
  • Practical Deployment of Machine Translation (2012–2013) More
  • Domain-specific Statistical Machine Translation (2010–2013) More

Media Content Analysis

  • NCCR democracy: automated media content analysis for German, French and  English (2013–2017) More
  • Sub-project within ERC-financed POLCON on Mining for Protest Events (2014–2018) More

Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining

Corpus Linguistics

  • SPARCLING: Large-Scale Parallel Corpora to Study Linguistic Variation (2013–2017) More
  • SMULTRON: Parallel treebanks German–English–Swedish More

Other Research Areas

  • Answer ExtractionMore
  • Controlled Language. We investigate how the ambiguity of natural language can be controlled by restricting its lexicon, syntax and semantics. More
  • Coreference Resolution. More
  • LingURedMore
  • Automated Style Checking. More
  • NLP for Quechua. More
  • Sentence Completion Sets
  • Syntax Analysis and Grammar Construction. More