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Department of Computational Linguistics Text Technologies

Biomedical Text Mining

The Department of Computational Linguistics conducts research in the field of Biomedical Text Mining.

Current projects

  • no current projects

Completed projects

  • NRP project SwissMADE (2017-2020) More
  • CTI project MedMon (2018-2019) More
  • SNF project MelanoBase (2016–2019) More
  • Vetsuisse collaboration Veterinary Pathology Text Mining (2014–2016) More
  • Cogito project PsyMine (2015–2017) More
  • NIH project Assisted Curation (2015-2018) More

Weiterführende Informationen

The various activities of our group are gathered under the name of OntoGene and BioMeXT.