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Institut für Computerlinguistik Phonetik

Aktuelle Forschungsprojekte


  • Rhythmic accommodation in a dialect contact situation. Acoustic and perception studies in Grison and Zurich German More
  • The dynamics of indexical information in speech and its role in speech communication and speaker recognition More  
  • "Voice Theft": Chances and risks of digital voice technology More
  • Between-speaker variability in Persian based on acoustic correlates of speech rhythm More
  • Speaker identity information in different parts of the speech signal: Human and machine perceptions More
  • Vocal accommodation in Human-Human and Human-Robot interactions More
  • How do infants identify their mothers by their voice: The role of temporal characteristics in infant-directed speech style More
  • The effect of nicotine craving on voice quality More
  • Between-speaker variability in dynamic formant characteristics in spontaneous speech More​​​​​​​

Second Language Acquisition

  • MIAPARLE: A set of computer-based tools for the acquisition of prosody in a second language More
  • Acquisition de la prosodie en langue seconde: l'étude de la perception de l'accent lexical sur la base d'expériences comportementales et électrophysiologiques More
  • The acquisition of second language pronunciation: The case of Ecuadorian learners of English More

Aging and Speech Pathology

  • Preventing age-related cognitive decline: The role of speech processing deficits in dementia More
  • Novel ways of preventing age-related cognitive decline: Identifying the role of speech processing deficits in Alzheimer’s disease More
  • Speech rhythm across the adult life span More​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Sociophonetics and dialectology

  • Phonetische Merkmale von multiethnischen urbanen Sprachvarietäten in der deutschsprachigen Schweiz More
  • Typologie der Vokal- und Konsonantenquantität im süddeutschen Varietäten More
  • "Nordwind und Sonne" in Schweizer Mundarten More
  • Phonetische Aspekte der schweizerdeutschen Dialekte More
  • AIS reloaded More

Projects on Under-Resourced Languages

  • Egyptian Arabic phonetic (segmental & supra-segmental) description More

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The following units are connected to phonetics and speech signal processing: