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On this page you can find a number of programs and scripts that we frequently use in our lab. Many of these are are to be used with the Praat digital speech analysis software (  


Praat Plugins:
Praat Plugins are extensions to the Praat software. You can see them as little programs in themselves. To install a Praat plugin do the following:

  • Download the plugin of your choice
  • Extract the folder inside the plugin (but leave all the files in this folder)
  • Move the extracted folder (starts with 'plugin_xxx') to your Praat preferences directory. If you don't know where your preferences directory is then do the following:
    • Open a new script window (Praat -> New Praat Script)
    • Type the following line into the script window:
         echo 'preferencesDirectory$'
    • Execute the script (Run -> Run; in the script window) 
    • A new window will open with a path. This is your preferences directory. 
  • Open Praat (re-open in case Praat was already open) and the plugin will be installed under the 'New' menu.
  • For more instructions consult the Praat help (search for: plugin)

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