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Institut für Computerlinguistik

Talks as part of Igor Nozhov's course on “Introduction to Speech Technology and its Applications”

These talks take place on Fridays at 14:00h in KOL-H-320 as part of Igor Nozhov's course on “Introduction to Speech Technology and its Applications”: 

  1. Dr. Christof Traber. TTS Engineering (November 2nd)
  2. Dr. Josef Novak. Speech Decoder (November 23rd)
  3. Dr. Irina Galinskaia. Chatbot Engineering (December 7th). Abstract:

Dialogue systems have attracted more and more attention. Recent
advances on dialogue systems are largely contributed by deep learning
techniques, which have been employed to enhance a wide range of big
data applications such as computer vision, natural language
processing, and recommender systems. In the first part of our lecture,
we give an overview to these recent advances on dialogue systems from
various perspectives and discuss some possible research directions. In
the second part we discuss challenges faced by developers of
industrial chatbot solutions - data acquisition, integration, pre and
post training and other issues.