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Institut für Computerlinguistik

Computational Neuroscience of Speech & Hearing - Assistant Professor: Dr. Nathalie Giroud

The research group "Computational Neuroscience of Speech & Hearing" investigates the neural underpinnings of language, particularly spoken language, using neuroimaging techniques and neurophysiological methods.

Our research focuses on individuals who have difficulties with the neural processing of linguistic information (e.g. due to hearing loss). We further develop interventions for individuals who have speech processing deficits (e.g. using neurofeedback, auditory-cognitive trainings in virtual reality settings, virtual lip reading trainings).

Our research is highly interdisciplinary, while mainly anchored in cognitive neuroscience, linguistics, and (clinical) neuropsychology. In our experiments we use various neuropsychological and psychoacoustic tests and a range of neuroimaging techniques, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and electroencephalography (EEG) in humans. 

The main long-term goal of our research is to develop diagnostic and treatment options for individuals with auditory speech processing difficulties and disorders. 

The research group "Computational Neuroscience of Speech & Hearing" is funded by the SNSF, SNF-PRIMA-Professur.