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New preprint: The Potsdam Textbook Corpus

We are happy to share our new preprint which is available on arxiv. We present the Potsdam Textbook Corpus (PoTeC), an German eye-tracking-while-reading corpus.

PoTeC: A German Naturalistic Eye-tracking-while-reading Corpus, under review
Deborah N. Jakobi, Thomas Kern, David R. Reich, Patrick Haller & Lena A. Jäger
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The Potsdam Textbook Corpus (PoTeC) is a naturalistic eye-tracking-while-reading corpus containing data from 75 participants reading 12 scientific texts. PoTeC is the first naturalistic eye-tracking-while-reading corpus that contains eye-movements from domain-experts as well as novices in a within-participant manipulation: It is based on a 2x2x2 fully-crossed factorial design which includes the participants' level of study and the participants' discipline of study as between-subject factors and the text domain as a within-subject factor. The participants' reading comprehension was assessed by a series of text comprehension questions and their domain knowledge was tested by text-independent background questions for each of the texts. The materials are annotated for a variety of linguistic features at different levels. We envision PoTeC to be used for a wide range of studies including but not limited to analyses of expert and non-expert reading strategies. The corpus and all the accompanying data at all stages of the preprocessing pipeline and all code used to preprocess the data are made available via GitHub.