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Julian Ockelmann - Doctoral Student

Julian Ockelmann, M.Sc.

  • PhD Student
+41 44 634 62 44
AND 2.76

My position is that of a PhD student at the University of Zurich, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Nathalie Giroud. Coming from a background of psychology, with a focus on cognitive neuroscience, I am interested in human auditory communication and its underlying cognitive and neural mechanisms.

Currently I am pursueing a large-scale research project in the context of an industry collaboration with the hearing aid provider Sonova Holding AG, labeled "Benefits of auditory-cognitive trainings for hearing rehabilitation and cognitive functioning in older hearing impaired individuals". The project involves the co-development of an accessible mHealth intervention, as well as the evaluation of its efficacy and potential training effects on sensory, cognitive, and neural dimensions related to speech perception and processing.