First Tips for First-year Students

How to enrol for courses

  1. You study the guidelines and study regulations (see below) of the major and minor subjects you have taken and determine which courses you should take in the various subjects in the first semester.
  2. You use the electronic course catalogue to determine whether time conflicts arise; if such conflicts arise, proceed according to the information in our "FAQ on the Study of Computational Linguistics" under the heading "Course Planning/Modules" "What can you do if courses in major and minor/subjects overlap"?
  3. In the electronic course catalogue, you compile a list of the courses to be attended and print it out.
  4. Using this notepad, you book the courses with the university's booking tool (please note booking deadlines! see also details on module booking).
  5. All CL courses are displayed as campus courses in OLAT. When you book a module, you are automatically registered (after 4 hours at the latest) as a participant in the corresponding OLAT course.

Tip for the booking of modules for the first semesters



If you have no programming knowledge and your timetable permits it, it is advantageous to combine Programming Techniques in Computational Linguistics 1 with a visit to Informatics I. Both offer an introduction to the programming language Python, but have different approaches. But don't overstrain yourself! You should definitely prioritise the modules of the module group Introduction to Computational Linguistics or rather the compulsory courses in your Major/Minor. 

Where can I find important documents and leaflets for my studies?

On our download page you will find our most important documents, leaflets etc.

Please always consult the site Student Service of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences which publishes information about dates, admission, student mobility, modules and exams and about the completion of your studies.

Where are announcements, tutor positions, etc. advertised?

Our mailing list "" distributes information (important announcements, excursions, courses, vacant tutoring positions, job offers) to our students. Be sure to subscribe to this mailing list!

Student counselling

For questions that are not answered in the guidelines and study regulations or the FAQs, please contact the Student Advisor for Computational Linguistics.

First semester day

The first semester day of the University of Zurich's Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences usually takes place on Thursday in the week before the start of the semester. There you will get to know your university and your main subject better through personal contact.

In the first part, you will attend the general information event of the Dean of Studies Office. Subsequently, you will participate in the specific introduction of your study programs.

Program for Thursday, September 15, 2022

08.15 - 08.45h  Welcome by the Office of the Dean of Studies

  • Welcome and information by Co-Deans of Studies and Head of the Dean of Studies Office
  • Venue: KOL-G-201
09:30 - 10.15  Introductory Session Minor Computational Linguistics and Language Technology (BA/MA)
  • Most important information about the study program and the Department of Computational Linguistics.
  • If you are not taking a minor program of study: Visit the Ersti-Fair in the Lichthof
  • Venue: Room KOL-G-209
11:00 – 12:00 Introductory session Minor Computational Linguistics and Language Technology (BA/MA)
  • Most important information about the study program and the Department of Computational Linguistics.
  • Venue: Room KOL-G-209
12:00 – 14:00 On-Site Campus Tour; Starts in Raum KOL-G-209
  • Board members of the Fachverein will take you on a tour at the UZH center and then travel with you to the Oerlikon campus (including a visit to the mensa with lunch). A tour through the Department of Computational Linguistics at the Andreasstrasse will be offered as well.


Last year's presentation is available online.

Presentation First Semester Day 2021 (in English)