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Career Prospects for Students of Computational Linguistics

All of the aforementioned aspects of language technology open up potential areas of employment for computational linguists. Up until the eighties, computational linguists used to work primarily in research, but in recent years an increasing number of job opportunities has become available in the translation departments of larger companies, in software enterprises (especially in the development of tools to support translation and in information retrieval) and with publishers and libraries.

The Department of Computational Linguistics in Zurich maintains relations with language technology companies, some of which also offer internships. Internships are not strictly required for a degree in computational linguistics but, just like exchange semesters abroad, they offer a supplement to one's studies that is highly recommended.

For students who do not intend to pursue a career in computational linguistics in the narrow sense, a degree in computational linguistics provides important additional qualifications with regard to language technology, new media and information technology.

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