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Daniel Friedrichs

Daniel Friedrichs, Dr.

  • Senior Researcher
+41 (0)44 63 45947

I am a senior researcher in the Department of Computational Linguistics and a member of the National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) Evolving Language. I obtained a PhD in General Linguistics at the former Institute of Comparative Linguistics (now the Department of Comparative Language Science) at the University of Zurich in 2017. I then spent four years as a postdoc at the Department of Speech, Hearing & Phonetic Science at University College London (UCL) and the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics at the University of Cambridge.

Over the past years, the main aim of my work has been to enhance our knowledge of how we speak and listen in order to communicate. I'm particularly interested in the acoustic representations of speech and how they are linked to production and perception. My current work within the NCCR concerns primarily the interplay between the anatomical properties of the jaw and articulatory kinematics. Through this, we hope to find out more about how human language has changed since the transition from hunter-gatherer to food-processing societies.

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University of Zurich
Department of Computational Linguistics
Andreasstrasse 15
Room 2.34
8050 Zurich

Phone +41 (0)44 63 45947
E-Mail  daniel.friedrichs AT