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Department of Computational Linguistics Digital Linguistics

Jan Brasser

Jan Brasser, M.A.

  • PhD Candidate
  • Digital Linguistics

I am a second-year PhD candidate in Computational Linguistics, supervised by Prof. Dr. Lena A. Jäger. I have a Bachelor's degree in English Literature and Linguistics and a Master's degree in Linguistics with focus area Digital Linguistics from the UZH. In my Master's Thesis, I used Eye-Movement data from readers reading in a foreign language to train a language model to predict the readers' second language skills.

My main interests lie in first and second language acquisition, specifically reading skill development. My current main projects are "Lesen im Blick": Eye-tracking based diagnosis of developmental language disorders, in which we investigate the relationships between eye-movments and the development of reading disorders in children, and "Language Models for Reading Comprehension Questions", in which we investigate how to leverage large language models to support the creation and assessment process of reading comprehension questions for education and research.



Spring Semester 2023:

Sprachtechnologie als Beitrag zur Barrierefreiheit - Tutorial

Autumn Semester 2022:

Language Data Processing - Tutorial

Spring Semester 2022:

Sprachtechnologie als Beitrag zur Barrierefreiheit - Tutorial

Eye tracking: Experiment design and machine learning methods -Tutorial

Autumn Semester 2021:

Quantitative Methods - Tutorial