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Department of Computational Linguistics

Text Crunching Center (TCC)

Welcome to the TCC

The Text Crunching Center (TCC) is a service offered to both external partners or customers and to all departments of the University of Zurich (where we are known as NLP group in LiRI Tech).

The TCC is an integral part of LiRI (Linguistic Research Infrastructure), one of several Platforms at the University of Zurich. We are housed inside LiRI Tech, as the NLP group, and closely collaborate with Computational Linguistics.

If any of the following applies to you, you are in the right place:

  • As a researcher, do you want to base your empirical findings on textual data?
  • Does your company need help in managing or processing a collection of documents?
  • Do you want to automate tedious manual tasks involving text?
  • Do you intend to make your documents machine-readable?
  • Do you want to detect historical trends, political leanings, personal stance?
  • Do you have an interesting application in mind which is built on text?
  • Does your text search need an upgrade?
  • Do you want to get started to implement language technology solutions yourself?
  • Do you have historical documents that you are looking to digitalise?

If you need help with the technological side of things, we are here for you!

At the TCC a team of experts in Natural Language Processing supports your text technology needs.

  • Text Analytics
  • Text Mining
  • Information Extraction
  • Sentiment Detection
  • Text Classification
  • Machine Translation

We offer consulting, coaching, and support in the following scenarios (among others):

  • Digitalisation of printed texts and manuscripts including OCR
  • Efficient information extraction and analysis of large text collections
  • Enrichment of texts with named entities, sentiment analysis, topic modeling, and classification, including multilingual and historical texts
  • Advice on tools, software, and best practices
  • Help with project applications and common projects
  • Ready-made solutions

Check for some teasers of our work.

Contact us at

Your TCC team


Gerold Schneider (head)

Tilia Ellendorff (collaborator)

Martin Volk (founder and initiator)

Text Crunching Center (TCC)




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Linguistic Research Infrastructure (LiRI)

We are a service offered by the Linguistic Research Infrastructure (LiRI) platform of the University of Zurich.

Text Crunching Center (TCC)

Text Crunching Center (TCC)

Computational Linguistics

We are closely collaborating with the Department of Computational Linguistics

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We offer some of our services via s3it

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