Text Crunching Center (TCC)

Welcome to TCC

The new Text Crunching Center (TCC) at the University of Zurich is a service offered to all departments and to external partners or customers. The University of Zurich now offers a range of service centres. Please also consider the services offered by LiRI (Linguistic Research Infrastructure).

We offer our expertise in the following areas:

  • Text Analytics & Text Mining
  • Sentiment Detection
  • Text Classification
  • Machine Translation

We offer consulting and support in

  • Digitalisation of printed texts and manuscripts including OCR
  • Efficient information extraction and analysis of large text collections
  • Enrichment of texts with named entities, sentiment analysis, topic modelling and classification, including multilingual and historical texts
  • Advice on tools, software and best practices
  • Help with project applications and common projects
  • Ready-made solutions

Contact us at tcc@cl.uzh.ch

More information will be provided soon.

Your TCC team

Gerold Schneider (head)

Tilia Ellendorff (collaborator)

founded and initiated by Martin Volk