Downloads and Resources

Some of the NLP ressources created at our institute can be downloaded from this website or can be obtained from the member of staff in charge:

  • 4561 German test cases for PP-attachment from the computer magazine used in the habilitation: Martin Volk: The automatic resolution of prepositional phrase attachment ambiguities in German. University of Zurich. 2001.
  • A manually corrected corpus with part-of-speech tags of approx. 62.000 tokens  (Language: German; Domain: Reports about the University of Zurich; PoS-Tagset: STTS)
  • 3000 sentences annotated in the NEGRA format (computer magazine). Please contact Martin Volk.
  • The German-language thesaurus UniNet, which comprises approx. 20'000 nouns in the WordNet format belonging to the domain of (Swiss) university terminology. For information, please contact Simon Clematide.
  • A Python script for computing full lemmas for elliptical German compounds as developed by Noëmi Aepli in 2013