Current Research Projects

Biomedical Text Mining

  • SNF project MelanoBase (2016–2019) More
  • NRP project SwissMADE (2017-2020) More
  • CTI project MedMon (2018-2019) More
  • NIH project Assisted Curation (2015-2018) More

Corpus Linguistics

  • Bulletin4Corpus: Building a parallel corpus from the Credit Suisse Bulletin (since 2015) More

Digital Humanities

  • Text+Berg: Digitising the publications of the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC; since 2008) More
  • AGORA project Citizen Linguistics (2016–2018) More
  • Visual Linguistics (2015–2018) More
  • impresso: Integrated Media Monitoring (2017-2020) More

Machine Translation

  • CoNTra: Rich Context in Neural Machine Translation (2017-2020) More
  • Machine Translation of Film Subtitles (since 2011) More

Media Content Analysis

  • Sub-project within ERC-financed POLCON on Mining for Protest Events (2014–2018) More

Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining

  • SNF: Sentiment inference (Dec 2018 - Dec 2022) More

Associated Projects

  • SNF project What's up, Switzerland? More
  • NOAH's Corpus: NLP for Swiss German More
  • Regional Variation in the Grammar of Standard German More
  • Text linguistic and corpus linguistic analyses of picture postcards (2016–2019) More
  • Retrodigitization of the collection of Swiss law sources (since 2010) More