Downloads and Resources

Visit the ZurichNLP Github account for a selection of resources from our institute.

Visit our web server for a list of software, online demos and data sets.

Some of the NLP resources created at our institute can be downloaded from this website or can be obtained from the member of staff in charge:

  • 4561 German test cases for PP-attachment from the computer magazine used in the habilitation: Martin Volk: The automatic resolution of prepositional phrase attachment ambiguities in German. University of Zurich. 2001.
  • A manually corrected corpus with part-of-speech tags of approx. 62.000 tokens  (Language: German; Domain: Reports about the University of Zurich; PoS-Tagset: STTS)
  • 3000 sentences annotated in the NEGRA format (computer magazine). Please contact Martin Volk.
  • The German-language thesaurus UniNet, which comprises approx. 20'000 nouns in the WordNet format belonging to the domain of (Swiss) university terminology. For information, please contact Simon Clematide.
  • A Python script for computing full lemmas for elliptical German compounds as developed by Noëmi Aepli in 2013