Study Planner

The CL Planner: "When do I do what (in my studies)?"

The new study regulations are in place, and so is the new study planner WAWA (Wann mache ich was?). WAWA is designed to help our students plan their studies. Students have the opportunity to build up their CL studies according to their preferences, play through various scenarios and at the same time be sure that everything is in accordance with the rules. However, you still have to study yourself.
The CL Planner creates a complete, individualized curriculum. You can mark courses as completed, block or pre-select them. In the generated curriculum, courses can be shifted backwards or forwards, or can be deselected once a year. You can also export study plans as pdf or xls.


You can create an account on the following website: (Prerequisite: Firefox. Other browsers also work, but there may be problems with certain menus.)
All you have to do is enter your email address and matriculation number and you will receive an email with your access data.
Here you will find some small user instructions for using the CL Planner
We are happy to get feedback and suggestions for improvement (by email to the student advisor). Have fun!