Job Opportunities

At the Institute of Computational Linguistics we employ a relatively large number of students in more advanced semesters as assistant assistants and tutors. The tutors are mainly employed for the programming lecture, the student assistants often for very independent development work in research. Working as a student assistant or tutor is a good opportunity to get experience in research and development. It is therefore not surprising that teaching or research assistants are mostly recruited from the ranks of former student assistants. Vacancies are advertised on the usual channels (homepage of the institute, newslist).

Career Services at the University of Zurich

The Career Services department of the University of Zurich has the task of supporting graduates from all faculties on their way into the workforce and increasing their chances of finding a suitable position for them.

You will find further information about this service at

"Job Centre"

If you are looking for a position outside the university towards the end of your studies, the information in our "Job Center" could be helpful.

Find out more about the profession of computational linguist, such as tasks and activities on BERUFEnet.