Bachelor and Master Degree Programmes in Computational Linguistics and Computational Linguistics and Language Technology

Principle Aims

A bachelor's degree (in this case, "Bachelor of Arts", BA) is a primary professional qualification, while a master's degree (in this case, "Master of Arts", MA) is intended to establish to a deeper scientific understanding of the subject field. This (politically determined) separation can, however, only be implemented in very few subjects.

We try to implement this distinction in such a way that the established knowledge and skills in the field of computational linguistics are a major focus and can be used directly (e.g. in the languages being studied) in the BA. In the MA, the major focus is on the more theoretical processes and research questions to open problems.

Regulations, Conditions of Study and Guidelines

Information can be found on the faculty website. Under Legal Basis, you will find all relevant framework regulations and conditions of study.

The following legally binding documents regulate the bachelor's and master's studies in general and, in particular, studies in "Computational Linguistics" and "Computational Linguistics and Language Technology":

  1. The Framework Ordinance for the bachelor's and master's degree programmes at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of the University of Zurich. The Framework Ordinance contains the general provisions for studies in bachelor and master degree programmes. It defines the rules that apply to all subjects in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.
  2. The study regulations for bachelor and master's studies at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of the University of Zurich. Namely, (a) A: General section (from HS13 onwards). The rules applicable to all study programmes are summarised here. (b) Special section for the B: Institute of Computational Linguistics (PDF, 425 KB). This section describes the binding regulations of the "Computational Linguistics" study programme (main and minor subjects of various sizes, bachelor's and master's programmes). (c) Special part for interdisciplinary subjects. The binding regulations of the study programme "Computational Linguistics and Language Technology" (main and minor subjects of various sizes, Bachelor's and Master's programmes) are described here.

General Information for Bachelor and Master Degrees

General information regarding bachelor and master degrees can be found in the following documentation:

  1. General information about bachelor studies and master's studies in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.
  2. Description of degree programmes at the University of Zurich.