Study Programmes

You can study Computational Linguistics & Language Technology in the following ways:


  • Major (120 ECTS)
  • Minor (60 ECTS)

Master (konsekutiv)

  • Major (90 ECTS)
  • Minor (30 ECTS)


In addition, there is the following possibility for students without previous Bachelor knowledge in Computational Linguistics:

Master (complementary)

  • Minor in Digital Linguistics (30 ECTS)

Furthermore, students of the Master of Linguistics (120 ECTS) can study Digital Linguistics

Attention! Neither the Master Minor Digital Linguistics nor the Digital Linguistics major in the Monomaster Linguistics are suitable for students who have already completed a major or minor course in Computational Linguistics in their Bachelor's degree. Students who have studied Computational Linguistics in their Bachelor's degree will definitely choose the Master Computational Linguistics and Language Technology.



Elective area Computational Linguistics in Computer Science Studies: In most courses (major and minor), courses in Computational Linguistics can be taken in the elective area. Please inform yourself directly on the website of the Department of Informatics.

Note for ETH students: You can take Computational Linguistics lectures for your 10 non-subject points. Please contact our student advisory service in order to select meaningful lectures for you.