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Department of Computational Linguistics Phonetics

Library of the Phonetics Laboratory (UPHON)

Using the library

The library is located in the premises of the Phonetics Lab on the third floor of the main building of the University at Rämistrasse 71 (KOL-H-318). Users are requested to call ahead for an appointment:
044 634 30 01.

Most monographs can be borrowed. The loan period is 1 month. Journals and working papers cannot be borrowed.


The UPHON library is part of the Network of Libraries and Information Facilities in Switzerland (NEBIS). NEBIS is a member of the Information Network of German-speaking Switzerland (IDS- webpage available in German and French only).


is connected to the IDS information network via the Main Library of the University of Zurich.

Since 2000, all new acquisitions are entered in the online catalog. All holdings acquired prior to 2000 were entered retroactively in the following years.

Titles acquired since 2000 (as well as part of the earlier holdings) are tagged according to the  Integrated Autority File (German: Gemeinsame Normdatei - GND). An overview of the keywords used can be downloaded as a pdf file (in German).




The library comprises approx. 5'000 monographs in phonetics and related fields of research.  

An overview of the library's call numbers, based on a classification by subject, can be downloaded as a pdf file (in German).


A total of 26 journals are available in the library, 12 of which are active subscriptions. With one exception, the University of Zurich provides access to electronic editions of the journals.

Electronic articles of licensed journals can be downloaded within the IP range of the University of Zurich and the Zentralbibliothek. Please check online availability in the Electronic Journals Library.

An overview of the library's journals can be downloaded as a pdf file (in German).

Working papers

Working papers published by leading international departments and laboratories are an important source of information for phonetic research. They are usually published once a year. Approx. 40 working papers - more or less complete - are available in our library; an overview can be downloaded as a pdf file (in German).

Weiterführende Informationen

The last m.f.

lə mɛːtrə fɔnetik

The organ of the Association de Phonétique Internationale, published between 1886 and 1970 and available in our library almost in its entirety, is a curiosity in the history of linguistics: the articles in Le maître phonétique were written in phonetic script!