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The studio of the Phonogram Archives can be used for digitizing Tonstudio  all types of analog Audio formats.

Phonogram Archives’ studio

An Audiometric booth is available for perception experiments, also suitable for recordings.

Audiometric booth

However, most of the recordings are now made using the new booth in the room KOl-H-313.

For the purpose of phonetic analyses, a small number of digital field recorders are available (see Geräteausleihe;

Phonetics Laboratory

Historical tools for acoustic analysis

The lab contains a number of devices that were used for phonetic research.

For instance, the Visi-Pitch developed by Kay Elemetrics (1987) displayed F0 and intensity curves in real time.

Sonagraph (Kay Elemetrics)

The same functionality was offered by the DSP Sonagraph 5500 delevoped by Kay Elemetrics (1989), also creating broadband and narrowband spectrograms. 

The Computerized Speech Lab CSL introduced by Kay (1997) connected an external hardware module with a host computer.

Computerized Speech Lab (CSL)

The last system developed by Kay Elemetrics was Multispeech (2004), a software running on Windows computers.

Experimental analysis of articulation and phonation

The Electro-Palatometer developed by Kay (1994) was connected to the same computer as the CSL. This dynamic system registrates contacts of the tongue and the palate during running speech by means of electrodes fixed in an artificial palate. 


The Phonatory Aerodynamic System developed by Firma KayPENTAX (funded by the Romanisches Seminar of UZH, chair of Prof. Dr. Michele Loporcaro) measures intraoral air pressure and air flow. 

Phonatory Aerodynamic system (PAS)

The new digital Laryngograph allows for precise measurements of vocal fold vibrations during speech.