Courses in the fall semester 2019

Bachelor Courses

Titel V-Nr. DozentIn Zeit Art
Phonetik und Phonologie 2889 Ingrid Hove Donnerstag 16:15-18 Einführungsvorlesung (ASW, CL, Germanistik)

Phonetic Data Analysis

2888 Dieter Andreas Studer Freitag 14-15:45 Seminar (Anglistik, CL)

Computational Processing of Speech Rhythm for Language and Speaker Classification

522a004 Elisa Pellegrino Dienstag 10:15-12 Seminar (CL)


Master Courses

Titel V-Nr. DozentIn Zeit Art
Speech Perception 4337 Volker Dellwo

Mittwoch 8-9:45

Phonology 5336 Stephan Schmid Dienstag 8-9:45 Vorlesung
Voice Analysis 4338 Volker Dellwo Mittwoch 10:15-12 Seminar

Perception and production of stress in L1 and L2

4930 Sandra Schwab Dienstag 16:15-18 Seminar
Phonetic Transcription 4335 Stephan Schmid Mittwoch 16:15-18 Übung


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