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Department of Computational Linguistics

Lena Bolliger

Lena Bolliger, M.A.

  • PhD Student

I am a first-year PhD student in the Digital Linguistics group, supervised by Prof. Dr. Lena A. Jäger and Prof. Dr. Rico Sennrich. I obtained my Master's degree at UZH in Linguistics with a focus on Digital Linguistics, where I wrote my MA Thesis on predicting human attention from eye movements with neural sequence models.


My research interests lie in cognitively enhanced NLP -  both in improving NLP downstream tasks with eye movements as well as in the cognitive interpretability of language models. 


Semester Course
HS 2023 Lecturer in Cognitively Enhanced NLP
HS 2022 TA in Quantitative Methods
FS 2022 TA in Eye tracking: Experiment design and machine learning methods
HS 2021

TA in Quantitative Methods