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Department of Computational Linguistics


The full programme of the Conference can be downloaded here (PDF, 883 KB).

The book of abstracts can be downloaded here (PDF, 14 MB).

The reference time is CET (UTC+1).


Thursday 4th February


08:40  Platform opening

09:00  Conference opening


09:20  Plenary Lecture 1 (Chair: Volker Dellwo)

Kirsty McDougall

Ear-Catching versus Eye-Catching? Some Developments and Current Challenges in Earwitness Identification Evidence


10:20  Break


Oral session 1 (Chair: Elisa Pellegrino)

10:40  Katharina Klug, Michael Jessen and Isolde Wagner

Collection and analysis of multi-condition audio recordings for forensic automatic speaker recognition (PDF, 243 KB)

11:00  Thayabaran Kathiresan, Arjun Verma and Volker Dellwo

Gender bias in voice recognition: An i-vector-based gender-specific automatic speaker recognition study (PDF, 292 KB)

11:20  Benjamin O'Brien, Alain Ghio, Corinne Fredouille, Jean-François Bonastre and

Christine Meunier

Discriminating speakers using perceptual clustering interface (PDF, 636 KB)

11:40  Bruce Xiao Wang, Vincent Hughes and Paul Foulkes

System performance and speaker individuality in LR-based forensic voice comparison (PDF, 288 KB)


12:00  Posterslam (Chair: Stefano Negrinelli)

Poster session 1

1. Cecilia Valentini and Silvia Calamai

Sull’insegnamento della pronuncia italiana negli anni sessanta a bambini e a stranieri (PDF, 44 KB)

2. Valentina De Iacovo, Marco Palena and Antonio Romano

La variazione prosodica in italiano: l’utilizzo di un chatbot Telegram per la didattica assistita per apprendenti di italiano L2 e nella valutazione linguistica delle conoscenze disciplinari (PDF, 77 KB)

3. Chiara Bertini, Paola Nicoli, Niccolò Albertini and Chiara Celata

A 3D model of linguopalatal contact for VR biofeedback (PDF, 172 KB)

4. Claudio Zmarich, Serena Bonifacio, Maria Grazia Busà, Benedetta Colavolpe, Mariavittoria Gaiotto and Francesco Olivucci

Coarticulation and VOT in four Italian children from 18 to 48 months of age (PDF, 101 KB)

5. Alice Albanesi, Sonia Cenceschi, Chiara Meluzzi and Alessandro Trivilini

Italian monozygotic twins’ speech: a preliminary forensic investigation (PDF, 241 KB)

6. Marco Marini, Mauro Viganò, Massimo Corbo, Marina Zettin, Gloria Simoncini, Bruno Fattori, Clelia D'Anna, Massimiliano Donati and Luca Fanucci

The first Italian Dysarthric Speech Database for improving daily living of severely dysarthric people (PDF, 203 KB)

7. Elisa Pellegrino and Volker Dellwo

Dynamics of short-term cross-dialectal accommodation. A study on Grison and Zurich German (PDF, 202 KB)

8. Alejandra Pesantez

L2 speakers’ individual differences in the acoustic properties of the front-high English vowels: The case of Ecuadorian speakers (PDF, 218 KB)

9. Alvaro Molina-García

Acoustics and Perception do not match in Andalusian Spanish (PDF, 186 KB)

10. Umar Muhammad, Peter French and Eleanor Chodroff

A Comparative Analysis of Nigerian Linguist Native Speakers and Untrained Native Speakers Categorising Four Accents of Nigerian English (PDF, 89 KB)

11. Meike de Boer and Willemijn Heeren

Language-dependency of /m/ in L1 Dutch and L2 English (PDF, 127 KB)

12. Davide Garassino, Dalila Dipino and Francesco Cangemi

Modeling intonation in interaction. A new approach to the intonational analysis of questions in (semi-) spontaneous speech (PDF, 283 KB)


13:20  Lunch break


Oral session 2 (Chair: Michele Loporcaro)

14:20  Adrian Leemann, Péter Jeszenszky, Carina Steiner and Hannah Hedegard

Earwitness evidence accuracy revisited: Estimating age, weight, height, education, and geographical origin (PDF, 3 MB)

14:40  Hanna Ruch, Andrea Fröhlich and Martin Lory

Clustering of unknown voices (PDF, 145 KB)

15:00  Simona Sbranna, Caterina Ventura, Aviad Albert and Martine Grice

Prosodic marking of information status in L1 Italian and L2 German (PDF, 240 KB)

15:20  Loredana Schettino, Simon Betz, Francesco Cutugno and Petra Wagner

Hesitations and Individual Variability in Italian Tourist Guides’ Speech (PDF, 339 KB)


15:40  Break


Oral session 3 (Chair: Camilla Bernardasci)

16:00  Sonia d'Apolito and Barbara Gili Fivela

Realizzazione di suoni nativi nel parlato di Italiano L2 da parte di parlanti francofoni: Interazione tra accuratezza e contesto (PDF, 373 KB)

16:20  Salvatore Gianninò, Cinzia Avesani, Giuliano Bocci and Mario Vayra

Prosodia implicita ed esplicita: convergenze e divergenze nella risoluzione di ambiguità sintattiche globali (PDF, 150 KB)

16:40  Rosalba Nodari and Silvia Calamai

I silenzi dei matti. Gli spazi ‘vuoti’ del parlato nell’archivio sonoro di Anna Maria Bruzzone (PDF, 100 KB)

17:00  Silvia Calamai, Maria Francesca Stamuli and Alessandro Casellato

Un percorso condiviso per la redazione di un Vademecum sulla conservazione, la descrizione, l’uso e il riuso delle fonti orali (PDF, 35 KB)


17:20  Break


17:30  Franco Ferrero Award

AISV General Meeting



Venerdì 5 febbraio


08:40  Platform opening


09:00  Plenary Lecture 2 (Chair: Stephan Schmid)

Helen Fraser

Forensic transcription: Scientific and legal perspectives


10:00  Break


Oral session 4 (Chair: Davide Garassino)

10:20  Angelika Braun

The quest for speaker individuality – a challenge for forensic phonetics (PDF, 144 KB)

10:40  Justin Lo

Seeing the trees in the forest: Diagnosing individual performance in likelihood ratio based forensic voice comparison (PDF, 181 KB)

11:00  Adas Li, Peter French, Volker Dellwo and Eleanor Chodroff

Analysing the effect of language on speaker-specific speech rhythm in Cantonese-English bilinguals (PDF, 50 KB)

11:20  Lei He

Characterizing speech rhythm using spectral coherence between jaw displacement and speech temporal envelope (PDF, 1 MB)

11:40  Honglin Cao and Xiaolin Zhang

The Current Situation of the Application of Evidence of Forensic Phonetics in Courts of China (PDF, 257 KB)


12:00  Posterslam (Chair: Dalila Dipino)

Poster session 2

13. Duccio Piccardi and Fabio Ardolino

Variazione e user engagement. Un approfondimento sulla ludicizzazione dei protocolli d'inchiesta linguistica (PDF, 820 KB)

14. Manuela Frontera

Radici identitarie e mantenimento linguistico. Il caso di un gruppo di heritage speakers di origine calabrese (PDF, 278 KB)

15. Glenda Gurrado

Sulla codifica e decodifica della sorpresa (PDF, 112 KB)

16. Marco Farinella, Marco Carnaroglio and Fabio Cian

Una nuova idea di “impronta vocale” come strumento identificativo e riabilitativo (PDF, 232 KB)

17. Elliot Holmes

Using Phonetic Theory to Improve Automatic Speaker Recognition (PDF, 164 KB)

18. Chloë Farr, Gracellia Purnomo, Amanda Cardoso, Arian Shamei and Bryan Gick

Speaker Accommodations and VUI Voices: Does Human-likeness of a Voice Matter? (PDF, 78 KB)

20. Anna Huszár, Valéria Krepsz, Alexandra Markó and Tekla Etelka Gráczi

Formant variability in five Hungarian vowels with regard to speaker Discriminability (PDF, 104 KB)

21. Claudia Roswandowitz, Thayabaran Kathiresan, Elisa Pellegrino, Volker Dellwo and Sascha Frühholz

First indications for speaker individuality and speech intelligibility in state-of-the-art artificial voices (PDF, 91 KB)

22. Lei He and Willemijn Heeren

Between-speaker variability in dynamic formant characteristics in spontaneous speech (PDF, 191 KB)

23. Yu Zhang, Lei He, Karnthida Kerdpol and Volker Dellwo

Between-speaker variability in intensity slopes: The case of Thai (PDF, 89 KB)

24. Carolina Lins Machado

A cross-linguistic study of between-speaker variability in intensity dynamics in L1 and L2 spontaneous speech (PDF, 272 KB)


13:20  Lunch break


Oral session 5 (Chair: Dieter Studer-Joho)

14:20  Adriana Hanulíková

Do faces speak volumes? A life span perspective on social biases in speech comprehension and evaluation (PDF, 493 KB)

14:40  Nicolas Audibert, Cécile Fougeron and Estelle Chardenon

Do you remain the same speaker over 21 recordings? (PDF, 156 KB)

15:00  Stefon Flego and Jon Forrest

Interspeaker variation in anticipatory coarticulation: A whole-formant approach (PDF, 234 KB)

15:20  Laura Smorenburg and Willemijn Heeren

Forensic value of acoustic-phonetic features from Standard Dutch nasals and fricatives (PDF, 107 KB)

15:40  Leonardo Contreras Roa, Paolo Mairano, Caroline Bouzon and Marc Capliez

The acquisition of /s/ - /z/ in a phonemic vs neutralised context: comparing FrenchL1, ItalianL1 and SpanishL1 learners of L2 English (PDF, 266 KB)


16:00  Break


16:20  Round table

Current trends and issues in forensic phonetics research

Moderated by: Peter French

Participants: Volker Dellwo, Helen Fraser, Mirko Grimaldi, Michael Jessen, Kirsty McDougall and Luciano Romito


18:00  Closing remarks