Simon Clematide

Simon Clematide, Dr.

Tel.: +41 44 635 71 21

Raumbezeichnung: AND-2-30

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NLP Shared Tasks activities

Shared tasks are a good means to collaborate with other researchers, let students work on a defined task in a competitive way, and generally assess your methodological competence in solving practical problems. In 2017, I had several successful shared task participations:

Projects and Work

Sinergia project impresso, Citizen Linguistics Project on Swiss German Dialects and Swiss French,,; Exploitation of linguistically annotated multilingual multiparallel corpora SPARCLING; Multilingual Sentiment Analysis KTI project together with Eurospider ; Biomedical Text Mining: MANTRA; SASEBio ; Political Text Mining: COSA ; German Sentiment Analysis IGGSA; Sentence Extension Tests (SET): SET ; Web-based Virtual Laboratory for Computational Linguistics CLab


Lectures (mostly in German)

Seminars and colloquia : FS 2015: Crowd-sourcing für Sprachtechnologie
HS 2013: Modernes Information Retrieval und Computerlinguistik
(involved as an assistant: SS 2005SS 2003SS 2201SS 2000WS2000)

Presentations and Talks



This list is generated from the Zurich Open Access Repository and contains all publications up to 2017 (most of them in full text):