Rico Sennrich

Rico Sennrich, Prof. Dr.

SNSF Professor

Tel.: +41 44 63 57131

Raumbezeichnung: AND-2.40

sennrich AT cl.uzh.ch

I am an SNSF Professor at the University of Zurich working on natural language processing, with a special focus on machine translation and deep learning. My SNSF project focuses on better natural language understanding with multilingual resources and multi-task learning.
I am also a Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh. I am a member of the Machine Translation Group and the Edinburgh NLP Group - come join our weekly meetings.


  • 2021: I'm hiring a post-doctoral researcher.
  • 2021: 3 papers accepted to ACL main conference, 1 to Findings. Congratulations to Mathias Müller, Biao Zhang, Lena Voita, and all co-authors. [1] [2] [3] Other pre-prints coming soon.
  • 2020: 2 papers accepted to EMNLP main conference, 2 to Findings. Congratulations to Denis Emelin, Jonathan Mallinson, Chantal Amrhein, Biao Zhang, and all co-authors. Pre-prints coming soon.
  • 2020: introducing x-stance, a new dataset released for multilingual multi-target stance detection. Check out the paper, the dataset, blog post and video (winner of SwissText + KONVENS Best Video Award).
  • 2020: 3 papers accepted to ACL. Congratulations to Biao Zhang, Chaojun Wang, Alham Fikri Aji, and all co-authors.
  • 2019: congratulations to Biao Zhang. Paper on root mean square layer normalization accepted to NeurIPS 2019.
  • 2019: 4 papers accepted to EMNLP 2019. Congratulations to Elena Voita, Biao Zhang, Gongbo Tang, and all co-authors.
  • 2019: I moved to the University of Zurich to take up an SNSF Professorship
  • 2019: congratulations to Elena Voita, Biao Zhang, and all co-authors: 4 papers accepted to ACL 2019.
  • 2019: I have an open postdoc researcher position at the University of Zurich (now filled).

Prospective interns and visitors

I do not currently have any openings for internships. Please do not send me an unsolicited application.