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Phillip Ströbel

Phillip Ströbel, M. A.

  • PhD Student
+41 44 635 72 46
Andreasstrasse 15, 8050 Zürich

Want to discuss an idea? Arrange an appointment on my Calendly.

Or connect with me on Twitteror mastodon.

As of September 2017, I have been collaborating in the impresso project. impresso stands for Integrated Monitoring of Historical Press Corpora. During a project phase of three years, which is financed by a SNSF Sinergia grant, the DHLAB at the EPFL, the C2DH at the University of Luxembourg, and our department will work on text mining of historical newspapers.

My main contribution to this undertaking was the lexical semantic indexing of texts and topic modeling of historical newspaper articles. 

In January 2021, I joined the Bullinger Digital project, which is dedicated to the digitalisation of the correspondence by Swiss reformer Heinrich Bullinger. The project's aim is to apply Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) to about 3,000 of the over 12,000 letters Bullinger has written and received from many colleagues of his time from all over Europe. The project is kindly funded by the Hasler Foundation, among others, and also involves a partnership with Andreas Fischer from the Department of Informatics at the University of Fribourg and Tobias Hodel from the Digital Humanities group at the University of Bern.

Right now I am ...

... preparing my dissertation for publication.

... starting a collaboration with Locomot GmbH from Chur for an Innovation Cheque project to make photo archives more accessible.

... starting a collaboration with the Chair of Systems Desgin at ETH and the Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften to track the spread of ideas in correspondence data during the Reformation.

... starting a collaboration with Patrick J. Burns from NYU about Latin language models.

Upcoming Events

  • June 9, 2023: Invited talk at the "Text Recognition and Cultural Heritage" workshop organised by DIZH about the state-of-the-art of handwritten text recognition in the project Bullinger Digital at the Zurich States Archive.
  • August 25, 2023: Participation at the ADAPDA Workshop at ICDAR in San José, USA with a paper about the adaptability of TrOCR for historical handwritings.

Past Events

CAIDAS Workshop in Würzburg, 6. - 8. Februar 2023. Vortrag mit Titel: Bullinger Digital - Texterkennung in einem reformatorischen Briefwechselkorpus
Bullinger Digital: 500 Jahre Bullingerbriefwechsel in Zürich, 24. Februar 2023. Vortrag mit Titel: Bullinger Digital 2.0
DHd 2023 in Trier, 13. - 17. März 2023. Vortrag mit Titel: Bullingers Briefwechsel
zugänglich machen: Stand der Handschriftenerkennung
DaSCHCon on Digital Editions and Interoperabilityin Bern, 24. März 2023. Teilnahme.
PhD Defense, May 26, Zürich. Passed.
COMHUM 2022 in Lausanne, 9. - 10. Juni 2022. Vortrag mit Titel: Transformer-based HTR for Historical Documents.

LREC 2022 in Marseille, 21. - 23. Juni 2022. Vortrag mit Titel: Evaluation of HTR models without Ground Truth Material

DARIAH-CH Study Day in Mendrisio, 20. Oktober 2022. Vortrag mit Titel: Bullinger Digital – The Transformation and Expansion of an Analogue Edition into the Digital Age

Einführung in Theorie und Praxis der OCR mit neuronalen Netzwerken in Zürich, 4. Oktober 2021. Leitung eines Workshops.

LREC 2020 in Marseille (cancelled due to the Corona Pandemic). Vortrag mit Titel: How Much Data Do You Need? About the Creation of a Ground Truth for Black Letter and the Effectiveness of Neural OCR

Digital Humanities 2019 - Presentation at Conference, 8 - 12 July. Title: Improving OCR of Black Letter in Historical Newspapers: The Unreasonable Effectiveness of HTR Models on Low-Resolution Images. Slides.

Vom Diarium zum Digitarium - Invited Talk at Workshop, 24 - 25 April. Slides (in German)


Sinergia: Kick-Off Workshop at the EPFL, 24 - 25 October.
Digital Humanities Austria 2017 - Invited Talk a workshop about "building bridges", 4 - 6 December. Slides



FS 2016 Teaching Assistant in Einführung in die Multilinguale Textanalyse, with Martin Volk
SS 2017 Teaching Assistant in Semantische Rollen und relationale Fakten, with Simon Clematide
SS 2018 Teaching Assistant in Sentimentanalyse und Media Monitoring, with Simon Clematide
FS 2018 Teaching Assistant in Deep Learning in der Sprachtechnologie, with Simon Clematide
FS 2018 Teaching Assistant in Automated Media Content Analysis, with Gerold Schneider
FS 2019 Teaching Assistant in Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing 1, with Simon Clematide
HS 2021 Online teaching of the course Einführung in die Computerlinguistik at the University of Innsbruck
FS 2023 Teaching of the course Creation and Annotation of Linguistic Resources with George Yong



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