Noëmi Aepli

Noëmi Aepli

PhD Student

Tel.: +41 44 635 72 46

Raumbezeichnung: AND 2.20



That's me!

I'm a PhD Student fascinated by dialects and language variations and the challenges they pose for NLP. I'm working on audio (i.e. speech) & text data.

Right now (August 2022 - March 2023) I'm visiting the Berkeley Speech and Computation Lab at UC Berkeley.

My SNSF Doc.CH funded project: LORELAI - LOw-REsource natural LAnguage processIng

There's more information on my Website & publications on Google Scholar.


Research Interests

  • dialects & language varieties (incl. Swiss German)
  • speech processing & multimodal settings
  • transfer learning between closely related languages
  • text normalization & MT between closely related languages
  • low-resource settings & robustness to language varieties

In the Spring Semester 2020 (FS2020) I was co-teaching Introductory seminar on automatic speech and text analysis.

TA for Introduction into Language Data Processing HS2021