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Zifan Jiang

Zifan Jiang

  • PhD Student

Hi, my name is Zifan (子凡) [tsɹ̩³ fan²] Jiang (蒋) [tɕjɑŋ³]

I am a Ph.D. student interested in machine translation and natural language processing, advised by Prof. Dr. Sarah Ebling and Prof. Dr. Rico Sennrich. I am currently working on automatic sign language translation as part of the Flagship IICT Project. I also study computer vision and sign language linguistics so as to cope with the visual-gestural nature of sign language.

I did my master's thesis project (and still work closely) with  Dr. Mathias Müller and Amit Moryossef on Machine Translation between Spoken Languages and Signed Languages in Written Form (PDF, 2 MB).

Since August 2021, I have also been working as a scientific programmer on the SNSF project EVOPHON with Prof. Dr. Steven Moran.

You can also find me on my personal website.

Before intrigued by languages and linguistics ...

I have a solid background in computer science and software engineering. For some years I was mainly engaged in Web development, which makes me experienced in topics including computer network, human-computer interaction, programming languages, Web accessibility, and rich-text editors.


Spring 2021 Teaching Assistant for Informatics II (data structures and algorithms), with Qing Chen
Spring 2022 / Autumn 2022 Teaching Assistant for Intro to data science (guest lecture on Intro to Machine Learning), with Prof. Dr. Steven Moran
Autumn 2023 Teaching Assistant for Essentials in Text and Speech Processing, with Dr. Mathias Müller


Find me on Google Scholar.