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Rehan, S., Giroud

Kurthen, I., Christen, A., Meyer, M., & Giroud, N., (im Druck). Older Adults’ Oscillatory Brain Entrainment During Processing of Interrupted Speech Is a Function of Task Difficulty. NeuroImage.

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Benz, E.*, Eicher, S.*, Feld, R. *, Fuchs, B. *, Gfeller, D.*, Giroud, N.*, Lehmann, S.*, Lüscher, J.*, Mantel, R. *, Martin, M.*, Müller, T.*, Nieke, S.*, Oschwald, J.*, Sonderegger, B.*, Sturm, H.*, Thalmann, W.*, & Wartmann, U.* (2017). Participatingly developed criteria for good gerontological research [Partizipativ entwickelte Richtlinien für gute gerontologische Forschung am Zentrum für Gerontologie]. Project description and online publication can be found here: *authors contributed equally


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Giroud, N., Thakur, S., & Iyer, P. (2021). 8 tech innovations that support a healthy ageing population. Blog für das World Economic Forum (WEF).

Giroud, N. (2020). The future of age-related hearing loss treatment – a plea for a new interdisciplinary research field. Newsletter article for the LIFE Community (the International Max Planck Research School «The Life Course: Evolutionary and Ontogenetic Dynamics»)

Giroud, N. & Meyer, M. (2016). Healthy ears, but still suffering from hearing loss? [Trotz gesunden Ohren im Alter einen Hörverlust erleiden?]. Zeitschrift Dezibel, Dezember 2016.