Text Technology/Digital Linguistics colloquium FS 2023

Colloquium FS 2023: Reports from current research at the institute, bachelor and master theses, programming projects, guest lectures

Time & Location: every 2-3 weeks on Tuesdays from 10:15 am to 12:00 pm, BIN-2.A.10 (Karte)

Online participation via the MS Teams Team CL Colloquium is also possible.

Colloquium Schedule



Tuesday, 07.03.2023 Jannis Vamvas Challenges in Language-adaptive Pre-training
Tuesday, 21.03.2023

Amit Moryossef


Zifan Jiang

Tuesday, 04.04.2023

Omar Sanseviero


Tuesday, 02.05.2023

Chiara Tschirner

Chantal Amrhein  
Tuesday, 16.05.2023

Janis Goldzycher

Alessia Battisti  
Tuesday, 30.05.2023

Lena Bolliger


Noëmi Aepli  



Jannis Vamvas: Challenges in Language-adaptive Pre-training.

Amit Moryossef: TBA

Zifan Jiang: TBA

Omar Sanseviero: TBA

Chiara Tschirner: TBA

Chantal Amrhein: TBA

Janis Goldzycher: TBA

Alessia Battisti: TBA

Lena Bolliger: TBA

Noëmi Aepli: TBA