The course is divided into two modules:  "Computer-Aided Translation and Basic Programming" and "Machine Translation and AI".

A total of 12 ECTS credits are required to successfully complete the CAS. Module 1 results in 5 ECTS credits while Module 2 results in 7 ECTS credits. One ECTS credit corresponds to a workload of 30 hours. This consists of attendance time during the course days as well as preparation and follow-up.

Structure and Assessment

An assessment must be completed for each module:

- For the first module, this takes the form of a multiple-choice test on all topics covered in the module.

- For the second module, a course paper on a selected topic (on all topics covered during the entire course) is required .
The participants select a topic after consultation with a lecturer. The paper should be around 15 pages in length and must be written in German, English or French. Each participant has to present the CAS project on the last course day, in March 2023. 


Lecturers and Dates

The lecturers are members of the faculty of the University of Zurich, the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) or experienced researchers from other renown institutions in the respective fields. 

Dates: CAS_Topics_Lecturers (PDF, 79 KB)

Teaching Language