Institut für Computerlinguistik

CAS in Translation Technology and AI

Target audience

Professional translators who enjoy "life-long learning" and want to gain an edge in knowledge for future professional practice with current developments in translation technology and relevant research findings.


CHF 6'500.-

Course Duration, Topics and Lecturers

Duration: from October 2022 until March 2023, on Fridays and Saturdays

Topics and Lecturers: CAS_Topics_Lecturers (PDF, 79 KB)


Participants become familiar with the functioning of modern translation tools and in particular neural machine translation through illustrative examples and practical exercises. An introduction to the Python programming language enables the writing of small programs and strengthens the understanding of algorithmic processing of language. Through background reading and course projects, participants develop the skills to use current methods in their professional environments.


Teaching Language



Lectures, practical exercises with CAT tools and machine translation systems, programming exercises, group discussions, final paper on a self-selected project (supervised by a CAS instructor).