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AMLI: Call for Papers

Call for Papers

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We invite suggestions for papers until March 31, 2023.

Proposals for research papers could cover, but are not restricted to, the following topic areas:

1.Migration, identity and integration
a) Determinants of L2 Acquisition and Integration of persons with migration background b) Language and non-economic outcomes of integration: health, political participation, identification
c) Language and Love: the role of language in bi-cultural partnerships
d) Mobility, language and integration in multilingual countries
e) Constructing identities: language, society, religion, online communities 

2. Language and social inequality
a) Migration, language and social inequality: education and the labour market
b) Language as a marker of discrimination
c) Language as a form of capital in times of globalization

3. Methods of social and linguistic research on language
a) Measuring linguistic performance in social science research
b) Measuring public discourses on language, identity and discrimination
c) Diaspora-oriented, ethnic-oriented, origin-oriented and transculture-oriented, quantitative, qualitative, data-driven methods in comparison
4.Historical Cases of Migration and Language
a) Urbanisation, migration and standardization
b) Multiethnolectolization
c) Language evolution in the Diaspora

Proposals for papers should be anonymous and include:
1. Research question,
2. References to related research,
3. Research methodology,
4. (Expected) results.

Abstracts should not exceed 400 words, including title and references.

The online submission of abstracts for the conference is available via Easychair. Please go to 

to find more detailed instructions on how to submit your abstract

The deadline for submitting abstracts for papers is March 31st, 2023.
Authors of individual papers and posters will receive a notification of acceptance on 15th, May 2023.