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05/2019: WMT 2019 News Task Human Evaluation

This year I am helping / organizing the WMT 19 News translation task human evaluation. Let me know if you would like to help!

05/2019: ML4SEP Workshop

Teaching a workshop on neural networks for PhD students from various corners of the UZH. More info to appear here:

04/2019: Contra Project Update

Gave a talk in the kolloquium again, this time on "Domain Robustness". Contra Slides (PDF, 3 MB).

10/2018: EMNLP/WMT in Brussels

Going to EMNLP/WMT, we have 3 papers accepted in total (1 1EMNLP long paper, 1 WMT research track, 1 analysis of additional test suite material).

05/2018: Talk at BrainHack Zurich

Talk on neural machine translation at BrainHack Zurich

06/2018: Internship with Amazon!

June 15 to September 14: Summer Internship with Amazon, Berlin

04/2018: Contra Project Update

Slides of spring 2018 Kolloquium talk: Contra Slides. Topic: contrastive evaluation of larger-context translation phenomena such as pronouns. (In machine translation, of course!)

10/2017: Contra Project Update

Slides of fall 2017 Kolloquium talk: Contra Slides. Topic: document-level neural machine translation.

09/2017: GSCL Award for my Master's Thesis

I was fortunate enough to be awarded the GSCL-Preis 2017 for my Master's Thesis. Thanks to Martin for suggesting this!

09/2017: Interview for Career Counselling magazine

An interview appeared in the 2017 issue of Perspektiven Sprachwissenschaft. Unfortunately, it is not available for free - something I was informed of after the fact. Do not buy.

09/2017: GSCL in Berlin

September 14 - September 15: GSCL, Berlin A smaller, more regional conference in Germany - going there mainly because I am shortlisted for the GSCL award!

09/2017: EMNLP in Copenhagen

September 7 - September 11: EMNLP, Copenhagen Among other things, I am going to the DiscoMT workshop (discourse in machine translation) and the WMT conference that is co-located.

08/2017: MT Marathon in Lisbon

August 28 - September 2: MT Marathon, Lisbon, working on Facebook-style deep convolutional encoding and decoding, have a look at the code here. Code has since been integrated into Sockeye master, but convolutional NMT systems are currently not fashionable anyway (adding this comment in 2019).

03/2017: Updated Roadshow slide set

Together with Jeannette Roth, I frequently organize workshops for high school students. They are fun! Here are some demo slides: Roadshow Slides (PDF, 3 MB).