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Research in Research. How to Evaluate Humanities and Influence Research Policy.


prof. Rūta Marcinkevičienė's talk: Research in Research. How to Evaluate Humanities and Influence Research Policy. 14:15 28.03.2012, Binzmühlestr. 14, Room 1.D.06

ABSTRACT: Humanities have an interim position between arts and sciences. Due to that strict and unified scientific criteria are often imposed on the humanities research causing their poor evaluation. Thus there is an urgent need to investigate research texts in the humanities from the point of view of excellence taking into account their specificity and diversity. The questions is how to employ methods of corpus or computational linguistics as well as discourse analyses to deal with the problem.

BIO: Prof. Ruta Marcinkeviciene is a vice-president and the Chair of the Committee of Social Sciences and Humanities of the Research Council of Lithuania. She is also a professor at the Department of Lithuanian Language, Faculty of Humanities, Vytautas Magnus University. She has studied English philology at Vilnius university (1976-1981) and defended her doctoral dissertation on the comparative analysis of Lithuanian and English verbs (1990) and her habbilitation on corpus linguistics approach to the analyses of Lithuanian language (2002). Her research interest comprise a range of topics from lexical semantics to text and discourse analyses. She published more than 80 papers in national and international journals on the methodologies of corpus linguistics, terminology, phraseology, cognitive metaphor, information retrieval and ontology building.

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