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Parseme Grant obtained for Short-Term Scientific Mission

Laura Mascarell has obtained a travel grant for a two-week visit to Uppsala University. There, she plans to work on improving the translation of multi-word expressions, i.e. sequences of words with unpredictable properties such as "to count somebody in" or "to take a haircut”, in Statistical Machine Translation.

The fellowship was granted by the EU COST action Parseme

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Einladung zum Jubiläum

Feiert mit uns am 7. November 2014 um 16.00 Uhr (Raum BIN 2.A.01)!

Festakt mit Gastreferat von Prof. Dr. Hinrich Schütze: «Recent Advances in (Deep) Representation Learning» mehr...

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The Institute of Computational Linguistics conducts research and provides teaching in the domains of (theory-oriented) computational linguistics and (applications-oriented) language technology. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in both domains.

Our research focuses on the development of intelligent methods to access text (answer extraction, relation extraction, question answering), statistics-based machine translation, and parsing (automatic syntax analysis).