Samuel Läubli

Samuel Läubli, M.Sc.

Phone: +41 44 635 45 92

Room number: AND 2.22

Hi! I'm a PhD student in Martin Volk's group and I'm super interested in Machine Translation and Human–Computer Interaction. I hope to synthesise the two into interactive systems that make translation more efficient and enjoyable. If you'd like to have a chat or are interested in a programming / BA / MA project in the area of interactive MT, don't hesitate to get in touch!




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Invited Talks and Lectures

Läubli, Samuel. 27.03.2017. Beyond Post-editing: the Future of Computer-aided Translation. Presented at the 8th Annual International Translation Conference (TII 2017), Doha, Quatar.

Läubli, Samuel, Sabine Tittel, and Martin-Dietrich Glessgen. 26.04.2013. Linking Primary Texts to Electronic Dictionaries. Presented at the COST Workshop on Connecting Textual Corpora and Dictionaries (Working Group 3), Kraków, Poland.

Läubli, Samuel and Martin-Dietrich Glessgen. 26.04.2013. Phoenix2 – A Tool for Web-Based Annotation of Medieval Texts. Presented at the COST Workshop on Connecting Textual Corpora and Dictionaries (Working Group 3), Kraków, Poland.

Romacker, Martin, Samuel Läubli, and Marc Bux. 24.02.2011. Semantic Representation of Events in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Presented at the Conference on Semantics in Healthcare and Life Sciences (CSHALS) 2011, Cambridge/Boston, USA.